Sizing A Greenland Kayak Paddle

How do you size a Greenland Paddle? Well, that is a good question, I am glad you asked. To address this, I put together a YouTube video that go over some guidelines on the basics of sizing yourself for a Greenland Paddle.
We are looking for the overall length, the length of the "Loom" (the area between where the two blades start to widen out, and the width of the blades at the tips, usually 9 cm/ 3.5" but I've built them for customers as narrow as 2.75" and up to 3.75" width. Click on the link below to view the video.

After you come up with some numbers after going through the video, keep in mind that for high angle paddler, we may recommend slightly shorter. Also for low angle paddling, sometimes slightly longer. Wider, recreational kayaks ,may also benefit from both a bit more length and a longer loom. All of these things can be discussed via email if you need some help with that.

After building more than a couple thousand Greenland paddlers, I have found that most will be between 210 cm and 230 cm and a blade width of 9cm/ 3.5" on more than 90% of them. Most common loom length tends to be in the 46 to 56 cm ranger (roughly 18 to 22" ).