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2 piece Greenland Paddles have become our best selling paddles overall for 4 years straight.

$385.00 for either the standard ferrule or the oversized  XL version.

Click here for more information and to order.

Our Greenland Paddles Box Set 

1 piece Greenland Paddle
1 Storm Paddle
1 Rolling Stick
Worth $590.00 at regular prices. 

 Spring Special Pricing:


FREE SHIPPING for the USA lower 48 states and the 10 Canadian Provinces (most locations)

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Our top selling canoe paddle the last 3 years, the "Neebing River" canoe paddle. Named for the river located 100 metres from our woodshop/ paddle shop and the first place we test out new paddle shapes. 

This paddle comes with a blade of roughly 24" X 5.75- 6"(slight variations due to the fact all paddles are completely hand built).

Laminated from mainly western red cedar along with a strip of hardwood down the middle for added strength and durability.

Available in lengths from 54" to 62"

Order yours here. 

Our Price $125.00 plus shipping.

1 piece Greenland Paddles.

We've now handcrafted well over 1500+ of these over the years and shipped them worldwide.
Laminated from 11 strips of wood and hand finished with multiple coats of 100% pure tung oil.

Available in non shouldered, shouldered or soft shouldered.
custom sizing specs can be worked out via email either before or after placing your order.


Order yours today by clicking here.

We don't just make paddles.
Check out our handcrafted Beer Totes, built with western red cedar and finished with multiple coats of an oil finish.
Two versions, one for bottles, one for tall cans.
$45.00 each.
We ship throughout the USA and Canada.
Click here to ORDER yours.

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