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Not sure what size or style of paddle to buy your loved one for Christmas?
Message us to purchase a gift certificate now. We will need to know the name of the recepient, the name it will be from and the dollar amount of your choice.
We will then make one up and send it to you by email.

Only 6 left!

The "Little Joe"...our Youth sized Greenland Paddles. 

With Christmas right around the corner, we thought we would pre-build a dozen youth sized Greenland paddles and do a Christmas special.
Each paddle built from 11 strips of western red cedar and hand finished with multiple coats of tung oil, these paddles are sized between 170 and 180 cm/  65 to 71 inches and have loom lengths of about 35 to 42 cm/ 14 to 16.5 inches.
Blade widths are roughly 7 to 8 cm/  2.75" to 3" wide.
Christmas Special $109.00
(Regular $165.00)

1 piece Greenland Paddles.

We've now handcrafted well over 1500+ of these over the years and shipped them worldwide.
Laminated from 11 strips of wood and hand finished with multiple coats of 100% pure tung oil.

Available in non shouldered, shouldered or soft shouldered.
custom sizing specs can be worked out via email either before or after placing your order.
Regular $265.00

Now on Sale for $249.00

Order yours today by clicking here.

We often get asked the question "What is a Storm Paddle?"or the question "What is the Sliding Stroke"?
So we posted  a video below from our YouTube Channel that answers both questions quite well. Check it out, head right on over to our YouTube Channel to check our other videos and please Subscribe to our YouTube Channel, Like and Comment.

Just posted a short video link below, showing some random photos of our paddles as well as our two Shop Managers, Plaid and Sandpaper
We decided to start building a YouTube channel and this helps us kick it off. Hoping to do 2 or 3 videos a month from now on.
Please go to our YouTube page, Like, Comment and Subscribe. 

   Here is our new XL version of our best selling 2 piece Greenland Paddles.

Our standard loom and ferrule system for 9 years now has been with a 10 inch long carbon fiber ferrule with a 1.25 inch diameter and a somewhat rough finish to the touch. 

The new oversized ferrules are 1.5 inches in diameter and are 14 inches in length, allowing for a longer overall paddle of up to 235 cm. The finish on the new ferrules is also far superior to what we were using in the past and we are very excited to be adding this new option. These are especially suited to paddlers with larger hands (size large to XL and up glove size for example and for those wanting an incredibly strong paddle.

We have also upgraded our standard size ferrules as well, going to a 14 inch length with the better finish as well as better thickness tolerances, added strength and reliability.

As I update this in October 2018, this has already ben by far our best year in term of the number of sales for our 2 piece Greenland paddles!

2-piece Greenland Paddles. 

This is now our #1 best selling paddle and we are shipping these all over the world.
We have just now switched over to our new and improved ferrules. Better tolerances, slight increase in outside diameter resulting in a stronger paddle along with a vastly improved finish and feel to the carbon fiber ferrules. We can also now build these two piece paddles to a length of right around 235 cm, about 7 or 8 cm bit longer than before.

Sale Price $329.00
(Regular Price 

Order yours now!

By request, we were asked to build bathtub caddies/ trays.
Here is one of the first ones to come out of our woodshop.
This one is just over 38 inches in length and 8 inches wide. It has 4 recessed tea candle holders, a place for your glass of wine and a stand to hold your current favourite book, magazine etc.
This one is made of pine with a walnut stain and a spray on water resistant finish. Prices start at $60.00

Our Greenland Paddles Box Set 

1 piece Greenland Paddle
1 Storm Paddle
1 Rolling Stick
Worth $554.00 at regular prices. 

 Special Pricing $399.00 

A few recently finished paddles.
2 one piece Greenland Paddles

2 Storm Paddles

2 Rolling Stick/ Norsaqs

3 Canoe Paddles

All hand-built by Joe O'Blenis

3 new canoe paddles. Middle paddle is an Ottertail built of ash and western red cedar.
Paddle on the left is a custom order from a customer, a Greenland style blade with a 3.5" width and an overall length of 52". Built of ash and western red cedar.
Paddle on the right has an oversized Greenland inspired blade with a maximum width of 5" and an overall length of 56.5", built from a solid piece of western red cedar.
All paddles finished with multiple coats of pure Tung Oil.

We are currently looking for people to act as dealers for our paddles in different parts of the USA, South America and throughout Europe. 
contact us if interested. 
You can be a dealer via an existing paddlesports store or just as an active, knowledgeable paddler in your area.

Also, we build a lot more than just paddles here in the Woodshop. Check out our Cutting Boards .  We have several in stock tight now and are building more all the time. 

Check out our  handcrated Wine Display Racks. (Wine and glasses not included).No two the same, we have about 8 of these n hand now including a few solid ones from reclaied pallet wood. more photos coming soon or email for photos of what is in stock so you can choose yours.
Just $25.00 

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