2-Piece Greenland Paddles

2-Piece Greenland Paddles. Custom built from premium cuts of wood with a carbon fiber ferrule. 2-Piece paddle sales are booming for 2015 and we just received a new batch of our ferrules and are ready to take your order now. Click the photo below for more information and to put in your order today. Sizing specs can be worked out through email before or after placing your order. 

Currently, we still have a good number of paddles that were set aside over the years that were either cut to the wrong specs for custom orders, had minor blems that could later be worked around etc.
We have been very busy lately filling current orders and have not had time to finsih off many other paddles from "The Pile"... feel free to email us just to let us know what you are looking for. If we have something close, we can let you know  and see if it fits your needs.  We will get a few more paddles posted as soon as we can though.

Our 2-piece Greenland paddles. These have been selling better this year than ever since we first started building them as two piece paddles 7 years ago. 

Regular price of $350.00, now on sale for just $265.00

Check out our  handcrated Wine Display Racks. (Wine and glasses not included).No two the same, we have about 8 of these n hand now including a few solid ones from reclaied pallet wood. more photos coming soon or email for photos of what is in stock so you can choose yours.
Just $25.00 each with Free Shipping to most locations in Canada and the USA Lower 48. 

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