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We are currently looking for people to act as dealers for our paddles in different parts of the USA, South America and throughout Europe. 
contact us if interested. 
You can be a dealer via an existing paddlesports store or just as an active, knowledgeable paddler in your area.

We recently came across a great deal on some wood that is perfect in length for building our Storm Paddles. We are passing on the savings right now for a limited time by reducing the price down to just $175.00 plus shipping. (Regular $250.00 US plus shipping).

Order right away before the price goes back up.
Click Here to order...

Greenland Paddles.

Regular $265.00
Special... $250.00

+ shipping. 

2-piece Greenland Paddles. 

This is now our #1 best selling paddle and we are shipping these all over the world.

SALE PRICE $350.00

Regular Price 

Order yours now!

3 new canoe paddles. Middle paddle is an Ottertail built of ash and western red cedar.
Paddle on the left is a custom order from a customer, a Greenland style blade with a 3.5" width and an overall length of 52". Built of ash and western red cedar.
Paddle on the right has an oversized Greenland inspired blade with a maximum width of 5" and an overall length of 56.5", built from a solid piece of western red cedar.
All paddles finished with multiple coats of pure Tung Oil.

Our Greenland Paddles Box Set 

1 piece Greenland Paddle
1 Storm Paddle
1 Rolling Stick
Worth $554.00 at regular prices. 

 Special Pricing $399.00 

Attention to all of our friends in the UK.

We are actively looking for a DEALER for our line if Greenland Paddles for the UK.
This could be an established shop or it could be a dedicate, active paddler in the community that is knowledgeable and active in the Greenland style of paddling.
Email us at [email protected] for more information and please be sure to tell us a bit about yourself and your background. 

Also, we build a lot more than just paddles here in the Woodshop. Check out our Cutting Boards .  We have several in stock tight now and are building more all the time. 

Check out our  handcrated Wine Display Racks. (Wine and glasses not included).No two the same, we have about 8 of these n hand now including a few solid ones from reclaied pallet wood. more photos coming soon or email for photos of what is in stock so you can choose yours.
Just $25.00 

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